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Your Daily™

Self-Coaching Journal

Self-Coaching Journal

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Your fill-in-the-blank, wire-bound, self-coaching journal. Designed for people who don't know how to journal.



  • 150 pages total, including 42 pages of guided fill-in-the blank self-coaching templates to help you uncover hidden blocks, and 3 month's worth of journaling pages 

  • 130 prompts based on what you need right now — for Anxiety, Depression, Inner Critic, Change, Embodiment, Future Self, Overwhelm, Rage, Self-Discovery, Gratitude, Self-love, Mindfulness, and Clarity of Action
  • Dig deep into self-discovery and uncover new ways of being that support a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing
  • Step-by-step guide to creating positive affirmations for your future self
  • Beautiful self-compassion posters throughout

  • Zero-in on what you need most with the Wheel of Life tool


  • Metal wire bound for easy writing (and tearing out to destroy)

  • Heavy 80# paper for use with pens and markers

  • Compact size to take with you anywhere

  • Laminated soft-cover to be lightweight and easy to slip it into a small space

Dimensions & Features

  • 6" x 9", Portrait
  • Wire Spiral Bound for easy use
  • Heavy paper for use with pen and permanent marker

Shipping and Handling

We ship through USPS mail. Average mail times are 2-10 days.

Weight for one journal, with shipping box, is 1.3 lb

Refund Policy

All sales are final. We are a small woman-owned business and aim to deliver the best quality to you. If you are not completely happy, email us so we can understand more and support you. A shipping and handling fee of $15 may apply.

For goods damaged in shipping, claims will go through USPS.

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Take a Look Inside the Journal

The Journal for People Who Don’t Know How to Journal

Maybe you've heard that journaling is good for you, but feel like you don't know what to say, are afraid you'll do it wrong, and frankly, don't need another chore. The Your Daily® Journal is separated into distinct parts to help you create healthy rituals toward a sustainable, healthy, holistic life.

Created by our founder, an award-winning designer turned trauma-informed Integrative Nutrition health coach, our journal system is bound to become your favorite part of your day.

Let’s take a look inside.


Never stare at a blank page again.

Fill-in-the-blank prompts guide you through your past and envision your future. Learn the SMART framework so you can create new, healthy habits, and an action plan to make them stick.


Discover what’s at the core of your burnout.

Our prompts and templates are designed to help you work through tough issues and create an action plan for healthier and positive outcomes, and build the resilience to weather any storm.


A prompt for every mood.

Our journal uniquely features a library of 130 prompts based on categories like Anxiety, Depression, Inner Critic, Change, Embodiment, Future Self, Overwhelm, Rage, Self-Discovery, Gratitude, Self-love, Mindfulness, and Clarity of Action.


Inspiration to keep going.

Visual reminders for self-love, self-acceptance, and self-realization are sprinkled throughout your 150-page journal.


Does this have a calendar?

No, this is strictly a journal for self-exploration and self-expression.

We believe that time keeping and emotional exploration are very different tasks and parts of the bain.

If you're looking to create healthy habits, we have a 3-month planner for you!

Can I get a bigger size?

We are looking to see if there is demand for a larger size (8"x10"). If that's what you'd like to see, please contact us to let us know!

Why doesn't it have a hard cover?

In our initial testing, we found the soft cover was thick enough to write in the journal in bed or on the go, without being cumbersome or too sharp.

We also found that when journals look too perfect, or too pretty, people were afraid to use them. They stayed on a shelf collecting dust.

With a soft cover, you're more apt to let it loose in your journal and not be so precious about your words or approach — which is a good thing! We want you to fully express yourself.

Why aren't there prompts on every page?

We created a library of 130 prompts, ranging from Rage journaling. to Inner Critic, to Gratitude.

If we put a prompt at the top of the page, you might skip that day because it doesn't match your feelings.

Instead, pick from the library of prompts for the best results!

How are the months separated?

You'll find a full-color inspiration poster at the end of every 30 days.

Use these posters to signify a new month, or if you're going free-form use them as inspiration.

Do I need a new journal every 3 months?

That's entirely up to you. We created this journal to be a flexible piece of health in your life. We also encourage people to tear out and throw away any pages where they have vented on the page and do not want it hanging around.

We will offer additional journal packs in the near future.

Is this only for people in burnout?

No! Anyone and everyone should use self-exploration tools to help them understand themselves fully, and how they operate in the world.

If you are burned out, this journal will help you examine areas in your life that need more love and attention, and allow you to freely express yourself.

Journaling is an incredible tool for chronic stress and trauma recovery because it allows you to explore your feelings in a safe place. And the act of writing helps your brain connect the dots of a feeling and attach logic or a story to it.

Is this only for women?

Definitely not. While our products are initially created for women by women, this does not exclude anyone from using our products. Healthy minds and bodies are what we're looking to support.